CLAimDev completed the ABC+ evaluation one month before close-out, making it difficult to implement the full learning, dissemination, and use plan. Instead, the activity COR and CLAimDev decided to focus on an evaluation presentation for the implementing partner and Mission and a briefing to the senior officials at the Department of Education (DepEd). After this briefing, the activity COR requested that CLAimDev present the evaluation results to school officials from across the country during a DepEd event sponsored by the implementing partner. As with the STRIDE evaluation, working closely with the activity COR on learning, dissemination, and use by bringing the results directly to government decision makers supported both the external collaboration efforts of the Mission and increased the likelihood of use by USAID’s government stakeholders.

Mission Learning Event
March 2023

This was a traditional evaluation presentation with a question and answer period for the activity COR and other members of the OEd. Based on the presentation, CLAimDev and the activity COR refined the learning and dissemination plan. The original plan had envisioned a large learning event. However, given that the evaluation was completed less than three months before CLAimDev’s close-out and a large event would correspond to a time of year when education officials—the primary audience—were particularly busy, CLAimDev and the activity COR decided to hold a smaller briefing for DepEd officials.

Department of Education Briefing
March 24, 2023

The evaluation team presented the evaluation results to the Assistant Secretaries of Curriculum and Instruction. The briefing began with the activity COR’s remarks on how ABC+ was contributing to the bilateral agreement between USAID and the DepEd. The evaluation team presented actionable results from one aspect of ABC+’s work that the evaluation had shown was particularly effective, an intervention package for teachers and school administrators to improve literacy in K-3 students. Based on this presentation, the DepEd and the ABC+ implementing partner requested that the evaluation team present these results to the DepEd’s Summer Workshop on Learning Recovery.

Department of Education Summer Workshop on Learning Recovery, sponsored by RTI
June 5, 2023

CLAimDev created use-oriented learning products that described the literacy intervention and provided evidence from the evaluation for this event. The evaluation team presented this evidence to the assembled group of 90 DepEd Bureau of Curriculum development officials and answered their questions about the intervention approach.