The learning, dissemination, and use plan for the MRP final performance evaluation prioritized disseminating the evaluation’s results directly to the activity’s beneficiaries as well as to local and national government stakeholders. CLAimDev prioritized dissemination to beneficiaries based on the ethical principle that research subjects should receive the results of the research in a form that is understandable and useful to them. The plan included one learning event in Mindanao targeting MRP beneficiaries and one learning event in Manila. Because the MRP beneficiaries may not have felt comfortable participating in an event with government officials or been able to access an online or hybrid event, CLAimDev decided to hold an in-person event in Mindanao exclusively for beneficiaries and a hybrid event in Manila for the local and national government stakeholders.

Mission Learning Event
October 21, 2022

The evaluation team presented the initial findings, conclusions, and recommendations to the Mission in an online event. Based on feedback from the discussion, the team refined the report. During the event, CLAimDev and the activity AOR discussed the learning, dissemination, and use plan, modifying it to include a Manila-based event for stakeholders only rather than holding both events in Mindanao.

Mindanao Learning Event
February 13, 2023

CLAimDev conducted an in-person learning dissemination event in Cagayan de Oro, Mindanao for leaders of the community solidarity groups (CSG) organized during the implementation of MRP. The CSGs include women, youth, farmers, and fisherfolks from the internally displaced persons and host communities. The learning event featured a presentation that focused on the elements of successful community solidarity based on the evaluation results and participants sharing their experiences with MRP and their vision for the future of their communities.

Manila Learning Event
February 22, 2023

CLAimDev conducted a hybrid learning dissemination event in Manila involving USAID and Plan International officials, local officials and representatives of the provincial and municipal government units of Lanao del Sur and Lanao del Norte, MRP local partners Maranao People Development Center, Inc. (MARADECA) and Ecosystems Work for Essential Benefits (ECOWEB), and other development partners in Mindanao. During the event, the evaluation team presented the evaluation results, CLAimDev presented a summary of beneficiaries’ experiences and visions for the future shared during the Mindanao learning event, and there was discussion of how MRP’s achievements, as documented in the evaluation, could be sustained.

Lessons learned from the MRP learning events include:

  • Holding separate events for the beneficiaries and other stakeholders created a safe space where beneficiaries could discuss among themselves how they could sustain MRP’s accomplishments after the project ended.
  • For the MRP learning events, CLAimDev’s communications, engagement, and learning teams began planning the content as early as the evaluation outbriefing, conducted immediately upon completing the fieldwork. This early planning helped focus attention on what type of content would be useful to beneficiaries.